Our Team

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) impacts many people in many different ways. Everybody's journey is different. At Asperlutely Autsome most of us come from families in which someone is on the Autism Spectrum. They may be our children; they may be us.

Every member of our Team is someone gracious enough to volunteer his or her time, compassion and expertise. Everyone is a volunteer. None of us are paid to run retreats, day outings, programs or get-togethers.

It is thanks to our volunteers' dedication, commitment and vision that Asperlutely Autsome Inc will continue to grow and thrive.

To us, being different IS normal!

Becoming A Volunteer

If you want to join our team of volunters and help make a difference, please get in touch!


  • All South Australian volunteers are required to agree to/pass a police check arranged at our expense before starting work with families.
  • This must be sighted by a representative of Asperlutely Autsome Inc.and with your permission a copy will be provided to Autism SA. *All copies will be destroyed once sighted*
  • We have insurance cover for your safety.  This covers you for liability and injury whilst acting within the guidelines given to you by Asperlutely Autsome Inc. and its representatives.
  • While there are amazing moments to be had at Asperlutely Autsome Retreats and events it must be understood that a volunteer position can mean long hours and definite responsibilities.
  • You must be prepared to be a role model and a friend to the children and families.
  • You must give adequate notice of inability to attend arranged events and retreats.
  • We depend heavily on our volunteers and the success of an event can boil down to enough 'hands on deck'.
  • Always be respectful of each family and their differences.
  • Loyalty to the coordinator and the ideals of Asperlutely Autsome Inc. is an absolute necessity.  Criticism of the Retreats, events, equipment, management, program, food or policies in the presence of attending families is inappropriate.
  • Volunteers are always expected to take their grievances to the head volunteer, coordinator or to Asperlutely Autsome Inc. Committee.
  • Asperlutely Autsome Inc. hosts family based events- therefore we ask all volunteers to be mindful of  appropriate social language and behaviour.
  • Vulgar or profane language, drug and alcohol abuse, smutty jokes, personal sex-life stories, pessimism, or poor sportsmanship would be deemed inappropriate.
  • Every volunteer is expected to look and dress appropriately for a Family based organisation. The coordinators and Management reserve the right to passjudgment on issues of personal appearance.
  • Volunteers are  required to  seek instruction/supervision from the management/coordinator before entering into any donation/request process under Asperlutely Autsome Inc's name.  * we are always happy to hear new ideas*
  • Asperlutely Autsome Inc. asks you to remember you may be privy to personal and confidential  information and/or circumstances pertaining to attending families.  We remind you it is imperative you maintain families' confidentiality.

Any concerns/queries/questions may however be raised with management/senior volunteers.


Asperlutely Autsome Inc is a not-for-profit organisation
ABN 74 973 812 182

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible

Unit 5B, 20-22 Cottage Lane, Hackham, South Australia 5163

PO Box 2011, Hackham, South Australia 5163

0406 218 002


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