1. Are the venues safe for my family?

The Asperlutely Autsome team personally inspects all venues before they are considered suitable. The team includes people who are trained in risk-assessment and occupational health and safety work.

We speak at length with the owner/managers, go through ¨what-if¨ scenarios, and make sure that our venue choices are fully informed. We also make sure that at least one on-site coordinator at each retreat is trained and First Aid-certified.

All coordinators and volunteers have police clearance to work with children. They have also completed and passed training through the Department for Education and Child Development ¨Child Safe Environments¨.

Rest assured that we take every care to ensure the safety of those who attend.


2.Are you insured?


Our Insurance is current and very important to our volunteers and your family.  Ask to see our certificate of currency, we are only too happy to show you!  You and your family can enjoy your time knowing you are covered to the fullest extent possible.


3. How do you choose locations for events?

The first and most important factor in location is our volunteer coordinators. 
Typically, a coordinator is someone who sees a need in their area and is keen to see something happen near them. 

Do you see a program or event running in a particular area and wonder 'why there'? It's because a keen volunteer, or group of volunteers, have taken responsibility for that event and manage the running of it.


4. What about your equipment?

At our events and retreats we use the best quality equipment. All items are meticulously maintained, safety tested and usage is  supervised by our trained volunteers.

All of our volunteers are trained in all aspects of safety whilst using the equipment. We encourage families in a positive and friendly way to develop their motor skills, turn-taking, team work and more.

5. I want to donate - where does my money go?

All money donated goes towards providing Asperlutely Autsome services to families living with ASD. Our income helps us keep the costs of our programmes, events and retreats as low as possible.  A small percentage also has to go to more boring (but no less important) admin. This includes items like rent, IT, licences, insurance, office supplies etc. We are run entirely by volunteers who receive no remuneration for their work.

Our only exception is any monies donated to the "Forever Young Fund". Those funds go directly to families in need, which helps them to attend our events, or provides them with support in other ways. None of these funds goes toward admin costs.

Asperlutely Autsome Inc holds all the necessary licences and registrations. These include:

  • ABN :74 973 812 182
  • Licensed to accept donations in SA under the Collections for Charitable Purposes Act - CCT1796
  • ¨Deductible Gift Recipient¨ status - any donations over $2 are tax deductible under ATO ruling - number available on receipt.
  • Incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 - A41476

6. Do you guys get paid?

No. Everyone who runs Asperlutely Autsome does so in a voluntary capacity.

We do not receive remuneration for our work. Unlike some organisations, our coordinators do not have their accommodation paid for out of funds raised from the public.

Our coordinators, board members and volunteers cover their own costs at events and retreats, just like registered families.

7. What if I am concerned about other people's kids?

Our coordinators and the majority of volunteers at every retreat and event are trained in "mandatory notification", and Child Safe Environments.  This makes sure that your family's safety, and any concerns that might arise, will be dealt with swiftly, discreetly and professionally.

(*Mandatory Notification: Certain groups of people are required by law to report to Community Services if they suspect (using their professional judgement and training), on reasonable grounds, that a child or young person is at risk of significant harm.)

8. Why are camps smaller than they used to be?

We have hosted retreats with a varied number of families in the past and have found that quality over quantity is what works best.
We find a smaller number of families make it easier for our attending children and parents to relax, get to know each other, and really feel a part of our Asperlutely Autsome family.

9. What are Day Visits?

We are sometimes able to offer a couple of spaces per retreat for families who either live close by and don't need to camp/stay over, or who are very unsure about attending a retreat with their child/ren. We generally limit this to two families per retreat. This allows us to make sure you get as much as you can from the experience as it can be a little more stressful without a cabin or tent to hide in.
All families requesting a day visit must be registered with us before a spot will be allocated.

10. Do you charge a fee for membership?

We do charge a small annual fee for anyone who wishes to become a Full (financial) Member.  Full Members enjoy voting rights and other privileges. Anyone over 18 may apply to become a Full Member.

Any person or family can register (subject to the approval of our Board) at no cost.  A "Registered Associate" will receive all the information about our activities and be eligible to participate in any of them (subject to the individual terms of each event).


Please see our joining page for more information about membership.

11. Do you only accept 'select' families to events?

This varies according to the nature of the event.  For some camps and retreats, we do allocate spots for volunteers or Board members if they are an integral part of the running of the retreat.

All other families have an equal right to make a booking with us - generally on a first come, first served basis. Our retreats do tend to fill reasonably fast and we are happy to offer interested families a position on our waiting list in case a place opens up.

12. I have an idea for an event!

We can support you with training, advice and even seeking funding in some instances where the event may fit the criteria for grants.
Please get in touch to start the ball rolling on making your idea a reality.

13. How can I help??

Community support is imperative to the success of Asperlutely Autsome.  There are many ways in which you can support us:


We are always thrilled to receive financial donations. Any donation greater than $2.00 is tax deductible and a receipt is provided if requested. Remember if you would like your donation to go into the forever young fund please leave a note in the message section. Thank you for your support! Click here to donate.

Auction Items

We are always looking for big and small items to auction at events. We are grateful for anything - from a bottle of wine or a voucher to a television or bike.


If you are a business and want to connect with Asperlutely Autsome Inc, please contact us for further information.


We are currently recruiting volunteers to help with a variety of events - we'd love to have you on board! Please get in touch.

Asperlutely Autsome Inc is a not-for-profit organisation
ABN 74 973 812 182

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible

Unit 5B, 20-22 Cottage Lane, Hackham, South Australia 5163

PO Box 2011, Hackham, South Australia 5163

0406 218 002


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