Your Responsibilities

At our events you will have opportunities to meet others who understand the joys and challenges of living with ASD.  We have prepared these guidelines to help your family enjoy participating safely and make our event a great experience for all.


Please remember that every family has different experiences and perspectives.  Please respect others' beliefs and the way in which they choose to approach their experience of life with ASD.  By all means share your experiences, but be aware that others may have made different choices as every child and person is a unique individual.  What works for one may not work for all.


If on retreat, each family’s space is their haven to retreat to when it all gets too much.  Please respect these private spaces, especially when privacy is requested.



At any Asperlutely Autsome event your children are your responsibility AT ALL TIMES.  While coordinators and volunteers are police checked, we do not have the ratio of volunteers required to supervise others' children, and often have our own families to manage.  We also strongly recommend that children are not left in the care of another family, both for the safety of all children and to respect the boundaries of other families.


Know your own, and your child's abilities and limits when participating in any activity,  and supervise closely.  Parents know best what their children can do, and we will be guided by parents’ judgement.


From time to time children, adults and parents will become overwhelmed.  It can be especially daunting attending an event without knowing others already.  We ask all attending to be supportive, encouraging and welcoming of each other.  A small chat, a patient word, a nod and encouraging smile can all go a long way to helping each other feel welcome and accepted.


While we make every effort to cater for allergies, special diets and intolerances, ultimately the responsibility lies with the families to ensure the food consumed is safe for them. Please check if unsure what served food items served contain.


Families are welcome to participate or retreat as much as is comfortable for them.  Feel free to be yourselves and not feel pressure to participate in everything. If you need some 'quiet time', we'll understand.


Should any problems arise, please let a coordinator or committee member know so it can be resolved.


Have fun, try to talk to someone new, and make some new friends!

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