What You Can Expect

We offer a non-confrontational, caring, calm environment where those with ASD can interact at their own pace supported by the ones they love and trust most... YOU!

We hope to allow parents a chance to get away, relax a little and meet other families in similar situations. And we do this in a safe environment that is free from judgement. We can't forget the siblings - they are most welcome also.


Families are encouraged to explore our games and outdoor sports equipment any time they choose. We want you to feel comfortable joining in structured activities as much or as little as you would like.

Activities vary depending on the chosen retreat and venue. They are also dependent on weather, location and funds available.


At present all families pay some or all of their own accommodation costs. The prices are usually offered at a negotiated discount dependent on location, time of year etc.  Where we are able, we contribute towards families' accommodation costs via sponsorships, grants and funds raised. We want to have retreats available to suit everyone's tastes: From basic camping, up to comfortable, self-contained cabins.


All meals are dependent on the type of retreat.

We offer everything from  our "welcome breakfasts' held at our larger retreats, to a shared BBQ around a camp fire, or fully-catered at our more "up-market" retreats.

Full details of catering are given for every retreat and we do everything we possibly can to accommodate special dietary requirements.  To this end, it is essential that families provide us with as much detail as possible about specific dietary needs - both in your registration, and

These are subject to the occasional seasonal/theme change. Itineraries released beforehand will note any changes to meal/s item/s offered.


All attending children will be given a name tag to wear for the duration of the weekend. This helps us identify who belongs to our group, and it gives us a little peace of mind just in case someone should wander off.

Our name tags are laminated and lanyard hung. They state that your child is part of the Asperlutely Autsome family. They also have mobile numbers of a parent and a coordinator, and do state "this child MAY be non verbal".

For life's little emergencies we have a fire extinguisher, fire blanket and well stocked first aid kit available with the coordinators. At least one coordinator on each retreat is fully trained in First Aid.

See the FAQs for more information about safety.

The Rules

Please remember to be vigilant with your child, do not expect other families to watch over your child/ren.

Please be aware you are attending an event with children and adults who identify as being on the Autism Spectrum - and as such some behaviours may not always 'fit' with everyone's ideals.

Please be respectful of everyone's differences and boundaries.

If you have ANY concerns at ANY time please see one of our friendly team.

But by far, the most important rule is HAVE FUN!

Asperlutely Autsome Inc is a not-for-profit organisation
ABN 74 973 812 182

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible

Unit 5B, 20-22 Cottage Lane, Hackham, South Australia 5163

PO Box 2011, Hackham, South Australia 5163

0406 218 002


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